Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lobster and Fiddleheads

The best thing about being a foodie is that people know what you like and they enjoy getting it for you. I'm guessing it's like trying to buy a gift for someone and wanting to get that perfect gift. It's one of the hardest things, unless you know exactly what they want or like. Buying great food for a foodie is like having that perfect gift for someone. And it usually generates as much, if not more excitement. That's exactly what happened here. My birthday is coming up and my father-in-law, while in town, decided to bring me a present. Lobster is one of my favourite foods of all time – and that's what I got. So much better than getting that ugly red sweater isn't it? 

He also brought the perfect accompaniment, fiddleheads. Not just any fiddleheads. Fiddleheads from New Brunswick. I don't know why but they are just better there.

 The lobster is an insanely low price out east right now and he was kicking himself for not buying it there. He ended up buying it at Lapointe's in the market and they were so full and so delicious. Unfortunately probably a lot pricier here, but for the enjoyment it brought was totally worth every penny.

To go with our lobster we happened to find a rosé sitting in our fridge. We have absolutely no idea where it came from. It could have been left behind from a get-together. At first we thought it was from my father-in-law, until we spoke to him and found out otherwise. Maybe the aliens brought it as a present. Our favourite vineyard is the Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz. We visited there years ago and fell in love not only with the wine, but also the very cool labels they produce. The fact this wine came from there is a present in itself. The label on this one shows your traditional vineyard except that Le Cigare Volant is trying to land there. This rosé was light and dry, Vin Gris De Cigare, 2007. Thanks so much to whomever left this treasure for us!



Nice. Nothing like a lobster who can read.

Rachelle said...

Yeah, I thought i'd let him catch up on the latest news before I ate him.

An ostrich named Sam said...

You've just had one of my favorite meals!

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