Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Il Primo

My father-in-law and his wife are in town for a couple of days and they decided to take us out for dinner tonight. He has a lot of experience traveling in Italy and as a result, really enjoys Italian food. My husband has been working very hard all day on our new deck and could definitely use some good pasta carbs to fuel him for another busy day tomorrow. Given these two factors, going for Italian was a pretty obvious choice. Originally we had planned to drive along Preston and just pick a spot, until we remembered the annoying construction. Somehow, during one of our turns on the side streets we ended up in the Il Primo parking lot at the back. Just in time for someone to be leaving and opening up a spot for us. My husband recalled someone recommending this restaurant to him so the decision was made. The menu is a mix of traditional and nouveau Italian. The addition of some non-traditional ingredients really do perk up some otherwise plain meals. Everyone was pretty satisfied with their dinner, as was I. 

For my starter I had the special, a risotto seafood trio – fish cakes made with lobster, smoked salmon, scallops and risotto. They were good, and with the addition of the spicy oil our server recommended quickly became way tastier. I love risotto in fish cakes! 

I also got to try my husband's app, the Caprese – your traditional tomato, fresh unripened mozzarella, balsamic, olive oil and basil. 

For my main, I have to say I made a great choice. I went with the Farfalle – butterfly pasta, lemon-almond-basil pesto, red peppers, and grilled tiger shrimp and creamy goat's cheese. The mixture of all these ingredients together was delightful. I also tried some of my husband's main, the Penne Anita with gorgonzola cream, chicken breast and red grapes. That too was really good. I loved the grapes in that dish and went really well with the gorgonzola. With our meal we enjoyed some of their house wine, a nice Sangiovese.

Sitting in the window and having the sun in my face as it set was a real treat. It's been so cloudy lately that just a ray of sunshine was super relaxing. And mixed with great service, as we had, set the mood for a wonderful evening. Apps range from $8 to $15 and mains from $16 to $28.

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