Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Whalesbone Oyster House

I've reviewed this restaurant before but I haven't done it since they got their new chef so I thought I'd re-review it. I almost didn't do this review because I was having a really hard time rating it. Although my dinner was fantastic, it didn't excite me like the food had done there in the past. The dishes seem to be a little more tame, if I could say that. I found myself questioning the price vs the food. If I'm going to spend a lot of money, I want something that not everyone has. What they do have however, are fresh, high quality ingredients. So if the major wow factor on the dishes isn't there, at least the standard they have for the fish they serve is. As my friend Donnie put it, we used to look at the menu and have a hard time deciding what to order as most of the dishes were so exciting you just wanted them all. Now we have a hard time deciding because you're looking for that “wow” dish but it isn't there. Nonetheless, I found my choice to be pretty freakin' good. We started off with some oysters – always a fantastic choice. Then I ordered the foie gras. Or as they have named it on the menu “I Love Foie Gras”. And I do. And I'm not going to go into any more detail about it than that (not on the controversial aspect anyway). I will go on however, about it's silkiness, and how it melted in my mouth and how I enjoyed every second. For my main I ordered the Alaskan Wild Halibut with a leek and asparagus tart, wild garlic greens and pickled ramp vinaigrette. The halibut was light and cooked to perfection. The tart was a nice compliment as it was much more flavourful and dense than the fish. These two opposing textures went really well together. A friend of mine had the Kerr Farms All Natural Striploin with crispy spot prawns, Ciel de Charlevoix forked mash, asparagus and horseradish butter sauce. I was given a prawn and some of the mash to try. The mash was probably some of the best I've ever had, obviously flavoured by the cheese. So even though I didn't get to order pork belly or beef tongue, I was still pretty satisfied with my meal. What always brings it together too is the atmosphere and the great service. I just love this place and love hanging out with my friends there. I'll keep my rating at 4 stars for now. 

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