Thursday, June 18, 2009

What’s your favourite foodie block?

I got that title from an old post on Chowhound. I really wanted to do a post on my favourite food-block in Ottawa. And the winner is? Murray Street, between Parent and Dalhousie. This block is filled with some serious top notch food. Just check out my reviews below. In fact, one of them was the inspiration to my starting a blog!

Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro – Ottawa's first aboriginal cuisine with a seasonal lunch and dinner menu that follow the ancient paths of North America's Aboriginal peoples.
Murray Street – Upscale Canadian Comfort Food with a fantastic Charcuterie bar.
Benny’s Bistro – Innovative, small seasonal lunch and brunch menus using only fresh ingredients and fresh baked bread from the in-house bakery.
Domus Café – The first Canadian, regional, seasonal cuisine with menu items consisting of only the freshest of local ingredients provided by Canadian suppliers and directly delivered from local-area farms.
Navarra – A combination of northern Spanish cuisine and new Basque cuisine – or as they say in Spain: “mountain and sea” cuisine.

Honourable Mention
Chez Lucien – Excellent little pub with fantastic fare. I have separated this one only because it's not on the same block. Literally seconds away from the other restaurants on the other side of Dalhousie.

If you're ever questioning where to go eat, you can be rest assured a fantastic choice with any of these places.


Don Mills said...

My favourite block is McLeod between Lyon and Bay.

Rachelle said...

haha! nice! Actually, that's kind of mine too. Just one house tho.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Chez Lucien. Surely, despite the fact it's on just the other side of Dalhousie, it deserves an honourable mention for their burger and fries?

Rachelle said...

You are completely right. In fact they are my absolute favourite pub in Ottawa. I have reviewed them here: And I did think about adding them, it was in fact because they aren't on THAT block that I didn't. I do love their burgers and fries!

I will add them as an honourable mention!