Friday, December 12, 2008

Chez Lucien

Yes, I took a few days off from posting. But it's not my fault. I was very ill on Monday and Tuesday and let's just say, toast, chicken broth and ginger ale are not exciting enough to photograph or talk about. But by last night I was back in the game. (Although the Montreal game could have been better.) We went to Chez Lucien to catch the game and enjoy some great pub food. I love this bar, it's ambiance and it's quaintness. I wish it was easier to get a table or seat sometimes but luckily my husband went right after work and saved a seat for myself and a couple of friends. The best thing on the menu in my opinion is the Chez Lucien Burger, in fact, all their burgers are equally delicious. The Chez Lucien is topped with bacon, cream cheese and mushrooms and served with deliciously thin cut fries and salad. The cost for this filling meal? $9. But, although everyone ordered the burger, I decided to get something different this time. I went with the Tofu Burger, which is topped with yummy onions and sprouts. It was very good, but next time i'll go back to the Chez Lucien Burger. Another great thing about this spot is that they serve food until midnight, which I love. It's never too late to eat. The service is ok. It's unfortunate it's not a little better, but it's not bad, just a little slow which is understandable given the amount of servers to the number of people on a busy night. Snacks and starters range from $4 to $10, mains from $10 to $16 and sandwiches and burgers from $9 to $10.

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