Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trout Cakes with Caper and Parsley Sauce

I just finished some of the best fish cakes i've ever had. My husband took the last of the trout we had in the freezer that a friend of ours' father caught and put together the most amazing dish. I've always loved fish cakes, they're one of my favorite foods (I know, I have a lot). But even after getting the worst food poisoning ever on fish cakes in NYC, they still remain one of my top foods. (I did take a break for a while after that happened). To add a stronger fishy taste to them, my husband added sardines to the mixture. Once complete, he topped the cakes with a tangy caper and parsley sauce that complemented them beautifully and served them alongside leftover risotto and beets. Yummy!

What you’ll need
Trout (or halibut or other fish)
Green onions
3 sardines
Lemon peel
Bread crumbs

Caper and parsley sauce:
Olive oil

What to do
Cook the trout then flake it up in a bowl. Add all the other ingredients and make into patties.

Coat with more bread crumbs and fry. Set the cakes on a bed of greens.

In a blender, blend the ingredients for the sauce. Pour it over the trout cakes and garnish with caviar and parsley.

Total time, approximately 1 hour.


Teresa said...

Those look so good! And hopefully didn't leave you on the bathroom floor afterwards.

Marin Press said...

YUM!! What a great blog! I'll be trying out some of your recipes...

As for the cards, yes, I have a small run and am selling. I have an esty store that I haven't opened yet since this is really the only stock and I am still experimenting. Email me for details...

Cheers! G.