Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fondant au Chocolat

How did we end our dinner on Saturday night? With the perfect red wine pairing – chocolate. Zoya's other guest Rachelle brought the most heavenly dessert known to man – a fondant au chocolat. Even my husband, who doesn't have a sweet tooth to save his life, wanted to melt away in this entrancing dessert. Rachelle whipped 4 whole eggs, 4 yolks and some icing sugar together, then mixed in some butter, 1 pack of semi sweet bakers chocolate and approximately (?) 4 tbs of flour. I apologize, I do not have the exact measurements for each ingredient. The mixture was then separated into some ramkins and baked at 425 for 8 minutes. It comes out looking like a little cake, until you flip it out onto a plate and watch the liquid chocolate from inside flow out. Sprinkle with icing sugar. Absolutely divine!

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