Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Murray Street

I know i've already reviewed this restaurant but I wanted to do a second review because my experience was so great. I was with a group of people from out of town and I could see their mouth watering when I told them about this restaurant, so we went. We started off with the Charcuterie Bar Menu and ordered the Elk Salami, Wild Boar Ham and Smoked Ostrich. From the Terrines we got the Lamb-Cassis and from the Pate the Crêtons and Olive oil marinated spicy Hungarian czabai. On the cheese side, we had the Indiscretion and another that I unfortunately cannot remember the name from the Semi Soft, as well as the Vigaroso from the Hard and St. Benoit Benedictin from the Blue. Every single item was amazing, just like the first time I ate from this menu. But the real reason I wanted to do a second review was because my main was also fantastic. I ordered the St. Canut Farms Pig with creamed corn and home made baked beans. The meat literally fell apart when you touched it and melted in your mouth. The dish was amazing. 2 other people also ordered it and were extremely impressed. I noticed on the website the item is no longer on the menu; however, there is an alternative that sounds equally delicious. My husband had the Mariposa Duck, and yes, I tried some, and yes, it was mouth watering. I didn't try our other guest's Vegetable dish, but it sounded wonderful and she enjoyed it very much. It was a Wheatberry and smoked mushroom fricassee with Spicolli's kale, roast King Eryngii mushrooms and grilled corn, curried quinoa and roast cauliflower savoy cabbage rolls with a coconut curry sauce. We drank a Syrah wine from Lailey Vineyard, a winery in the Niagara region, that was the perfect accompaniment to our meal. Our server, although a bit serious, was very knowledgeable and thorough. Prices for the charcuterie are very reasonable at $25 for 3 meats and 2 cheeses, and the large plates range from $18 to $25. This new experience has brought this restaurant to a four star on my list now. I've never enjoyed meat so much!

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