Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

If anyone ever asks me where they should go for sushi, I always recommend this spot. Another sushi place in the market is Kinki, but I would never recommend it. The service is absolutely terrible. I hadn't been to Wasabi in a while but we decided to take my best friend for her birthday last night. They recently renovated to make the restaurant bigger. It's got a great atmosphere, dim lighting and the service, as always, was wonderful. On numerous occasions, my husband and I would go all out and get the Boat, which is a massive selection of sushi and sashimi for $64. Last night I controlled myself. I started out with the Gyoza – pork and vegetable dumplings, and probably my favorite thing on the menu. I then had the Wasabi Knock-out Rolls made with spicy salmon, crabstick, lettuce, crispy tempura flakes and masago as well as the Seoul Roll, which had kimchi, cucumber and fish cake. It was all very fresh and super tasty. I found the presentation to be quite exceptional too. I overheard my friend say her tempura was the best she's ever had. For drinks I had a ceasar to start then a large Japanese pilsner. I was stuffed, and my bill with tax was $45. Apps range from $3 to $13 and mains from $10 to $31. Definitely worth every penny.

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Teresa said...

It really is the best tempura! And a fantastic place to celebrate a birthday with a group of friends! Thanks!