Monday, September 1, 2008

The Bell Inn – Dorchester

While on vacation in New Brunswick, my husband and I did an 85 km bike ride through Memramcook, Sackville, Shepody Bay and Dorchester. As I always do, I ended the ride with a food reward which was the Bell Inn Restaurant, a spot my husband often went with his grandmother as a child. This house was built in 1811 and is the oldest stone structure in New Brunswick. It used to be a stagecoach stop in the 1800's and is now a highly rated restaurant. They serve traditional home-cooked comforting foods, which was exactly what we needed. We were lucky to get a table when we arrived. As we walked through the rooms of the house almost all the tables were reserved, and the ones that weren't kept getting the signs put on them every time the phone rang. I started off with a glass of lemonade, so refreshing and was my second choice to the beer I didn't get because they aren't licensed. Then they bring you the best homemade biscuits you've ever had. That is by far their specialty. I ordered the daily special, meatloaf with boiled potatoes, gravy, vegetables and coleslaw and it was delicious. I mashed my potatoes up with the gravy and mixed my veggies in with it, I've always done this with turkey dinner, it's how I love to eat them. My husband had the biggest lobster roll i've ever seen (I think it was a whole lobster in a bun), which came with potato salad and coleslaw and a side garnish of dulse - also delicious. And I know this because my husband can't order anything without me getting him to give me taste or splitting his plate with me (we often do half and half with our plates). The service was professional and prompt and the prices were very reasonable. I'll definitely be back when i'm in New Brunswick, but i'll make sure to make a reservation. I think we got lucky.

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Portia said...

Your husband went there as a child with his grandmother?? Wow that makes me feel old! I originally opened the Bell Inn. How time flies!