Sunday, September 7, 2008

Petit Bill’s Bistro

Last night was my first time at Petit Bill's since I started my blog and unfortunately my food experience was not great. I ordered a dish I had had before, Pan Seared Sea Scallops with maple butter and salad; however, when I had it before, I believe it was Pan Seared Sea Scallops with pancetta squash risotto and bourbon maple glaze. My first experience with the dish was amazing and I never forgot it. This experience was ok, not great. It lacked the “wow” factor once it hit your taste buds. The salad was pretty generic too, nothing compared to a squash risotto. I then had the Cod with lemon and butter and frites. It was labeled as a “signature dish” and our server said that people would go there specifically for that dish. I find that hard to believe. There was nothing special about the dish. The fish was more fried than I expected too. They used to have a small plates menu, which I loved. But unfortunately they had to discontinue it as the kitchen was not large enough to support it. I spoke to one of the brothers who own the restaurant after dinner. He asked me how I'd enjoyed my meal. I was honest, which led to my finding out that the current chef is only there one more week and had only been there 6 weeks total. They have a chef from Newfoundland and who has been working in Toronto starting soon, at which point they will be updating their menu. I'm glad I spoke to him and found this out as I don't think I would have gone back. The service was wonderful and his eagerness to know exactly what I liked and didn't like during my experiences there leave me quite hopeful for the new chef. I'll definitely be checking it out once he's settled in. They're also having a tough time at the moment because of all the construction out front. They're sales have decreased by 75%. That's got to be tough on a place that hasn't been around for that long. The link to their web site is below, but don't get too excited, the menu on here is their old one and it's not the same anymore.

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