Saturday, September 27, 2008

$3 In – Café Soup‘Herbe

Well, it took a while, but i've finally gotten my first Tip Jar submission. I'm sad to say the culprit is Café Soup‘Herbe. I've now removed them from my favorite places to eat right now list. I still love the food. And I will go again. But I couldn't for the life of me tip our server today. We arrived and were greeted by a girl who looked like she had arrived from a different planet and had no idea how to do her job. We asked how long it would be for a table and her reaction was like we had asked her to drop her pants. Ok, maybe i'm exaggerating a little. We decided to sit outside where there were some tables available and then that was it, they forgot about us. One of us decided to remind them we were there. It took a while but we finally got our order. After going inside to get our napkins, cutlery and everything else we needed we had to find our server yet again to get some bread and water. I had had a late breakfast so I only ordered the Peanut Curry Soup, which was delicious, so that, along with my drink and half of my friend's lunch cost (it's day 2 of her birthday) came to $20. It didn't even seem worth it to tip 10%. So 15% has now been added to the Tip Jar.

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