Sunday, September 28, 2008

Le Château Montebello – Montebello

Sunday brunch at le Château Montebello is the best buffet for the price by far. Since I already had breakfast today, we'll call this one lunch. It's available every Sunday at 11:30am and 1:30pm and costs $39.50. This is not your average buffet. You get a pretty elaborate spread – which makes it very hard to decide what you're going to eat. They have everything from quail and lamb to seafood, cheese and desserts. I didn't even look at a couple of the tables for fear i'd find something else I wanted. I had a few salads, one being a delicious oriental salad made with beet greens, peppers and almonds as well as a lobster salad that was fantastic. I also had some pickled beets and scalloped potatoes. This is all beginning to sound quite random I know. That's how I started off. Then I got a little more specific. I filled my second plate with seafood, which consisted of smoked mackerel, smoked trout, stuffed smoked trout, smoked salmon, shrimp, crab and seafood sauce. Then I went for a third plate, which included patés and terrines made with duck and ostrich and some baby gherkins and pickled onions as well as blue St. Benedictine cheese and Gouda. My final plate was the perfect ending. I had strawberries and bananas with warm chocolate sauce and crepes with local maple syrup. Trust me, the crème caramel, apple pie, sugar pie, etc, were very hard to pass up. But I just couldn't go any further. If you feel like taking a nice Sunday drive, followed by an amazing brunch and then just relax for the afternoon, this is a great place to go. I went there today with a really good friend of mine that I hadn't seen in a while. After stuffing our faces we took a nice walk along the water then went back into the foyer and had a glass of port. We spent 4 hours there and it was probably one of the best afternoons i've had in a while. As soon as you drive onto the property you immediately feel relaxed. I'll probably have to go more often. Just a side note too, if you park in the lot bring your card inside, they will validate it for you so the parking is free.

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