Monday, July 5, 2010

I Love Lobster Rolls

I was out east for 4 days this past week. And of those 4 days, I had lobster 3. Either on it's own or in a roll. How can I not when it's just so easy to get!?

This lovely roll above, served in your traditional fresh white bun, and made with lovely chunks of Atlantic lobster was bought during a quick pit stop at – you guessed it – McDonald's! probably the only time you'll ever see me post on these guys (proudly anyway).

The ability to get a lobster roll this easily during the summer is something I miss quite a bit. And at 5.99, you definitely can't go wrong.


Marysol said...

McDonalds???? Oh my!!!

We were invited last night for home cooked Big Macs. I see a theme here...

Hope you post the other lobsters.

its me, sam said...

Only in the maritimes can you get a McLobster!

Blogger said...

Anybody else wants a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFT CARD?