Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar

Last night we decided to try Genuine, John Taylor’s new restaurant. I was so excited to be going to a restaurant I hadn’t reviewed yet that I forgot my camera. So unfortunately you’re just going to have to paint the mental picture in your head. Which probably isn’t such a bad thing.

I’ve been looking forward to the opening of this restaurant. And judging by the filled up little space on a Wednesday night, many other people have been too. I even ran into someone who said that last night was their 3rd visit. Not bad for a spot that’s been open less than one month.

My first impression was that of comfort, here for a good time with friends. At a first glance, the mains on the menu didn’t get me as excited as I thought they would. But once the food came it was a different story. The descriptions do not oversell the actual experience, which made me very happy.

A delicious list of charcuterie presented itself upon our arrival – the perfect sharing option for a group of 4. Although the quantity that was served was slightly less than expected, the quality was 100%. Flavourful, traditional Berkshire pork terrine, slivers of salty Ontario grass fed beef bresaola and double smoked Ontario Berkshire flat pancetta were the chosen meats. In the cheese department, strong and super tasty Cape Vessy organic goat’s milk from 5th Town Cheese, Pine River 7 year old cheddar and Lancaster 2 year old gouda, all local and all amazing. Our bottle of Ca’del Solo, a Sangiovese from the Bonny Doon vineyard, was the perfect pairing. I planned to go Ontario the entire time, they have a nice selection of Prince Edward County and Niagara wines. But when I set my eyes on this Californian red, I couldn’t pass it up.

We were all delighted with our mains. My husband and our friend Paul both had the hanger steak, pan seared and soy marinated, market vegetables, carrot purée and Le Coprin mushrooms. I think rare was the way to go on that piece of meat. I tried a bite of my husband's and it was so juicy. Sue had the pan roasted quail, also a winner (I tried a bite), served with citrus thyme Israeli couscous, seasonal vegetables and smoked tomato chutney. I've never had Israeli couscous but it was super fun! Like pellets with an orzo texture. And even with all these wonderful dishes in front of me, I still feel I made the best choice. Mouthwatering Lake Ontario pickerel with yummy Chorizo polenta cakes in the shape of mini muffins, wilted earthy greens and fresh market vegetables.

For a restaurant that hasn't been open very long, I think they're doing a great job. In a year from now they will surely be a staple in the neighbourhood. Who knows, maybe some others will follow suit and build up the restaurant scene at that end of Bank. Service was good and prices reasonable. The small charcuterie plate (4 items) is $20, medium (6 items) is $30 and the large (8 items) is $40. Apps range from $7 to $12 and mains from $20 to $25.

Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar

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Sounds awesome! I look forward to going.