Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scallops and Beet Salad

Did you ever have one of those days? Did you ever have one that no matter how hard you try once you get home, you just can't shake it? I've been trying all night. But I do think that there was a few minutes this evening, during the time I had my eyes closed, concentrating on all the flavours and textures that filled my mouth, that I actually forgot about what a rotten day I had. This of course, thanks to my husband's fine cooking.

He made some yummy scallops that he served with my new favourite salad, warm beet cubes, spicy arugula, herbed creamy goat cheese and toasted walnuts. All drizzled with fragrant truffle oil and lime juice. What a combo! If you could fit each ingredient onto your fork at once, the result was heavenly. I've now got my lunch salad picked out for the rest of the week.

On a side note. We normally buy our scallops at the Whalebone supply shop. Today, because of convenience (they're only open to the public Thursday to Saturday) and price, my husband bought them at Hartman's. Although their seafood isn't terrible, it's not the quality you would get buying from a top quality fish store. You know that milky liquid they come in? Well that's brine, and it's there to help keep the scallops fresher longer. Not a good thing, especially if you want something naturally fresh. But something else my husband noticed with these, was that they don't sear well at all. That solution they're bathing in really takes a toll on the quality of not only the taste, but the cooking of the scallops. They're practically impossible to brown. (Jean-Marc, take note, this may be the issue you're having!!)

This is also where I start to post about wines that I've had. Instead of just telling you how delicious a wine was, I'm now going to do my best to describe the wine to you. The first few will be taken from my cheat sheets (wine bottle or LCBO tasting notes), just to solidify my findings (or lack thereof). As in this case, Pelee Island Winery Chardonnay. This wine had flavours of melon, peach and vanilla. I did not pick this out on my own. But after reading it, kind of knew where they were coming from. This wine had some acidity with a medium to long finish. I think. Wow, lack of confidence or what!? I'll get there eventually. I hope.

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