Monday, May 17, 2010

Turkish Delight

Some friends of ours just got back from Turkey. And you know what that means? Turkish gifts!!

Before I continue, let me just say that I have never been a big fan of Turkish Delight. It’s not that I dislike it, it’s just not something that was ever on my radar of food to consume. I had tried it before, but I’m going to guess that what I had was no comparison to this package that we received because this is now something I feel all homes should have in their cupboard for a quick, light snack. I love it!! It’s the perfect thing to eat when you get home from work and don’t want to spoil supper. It’s also ideal as a dessert after dinner if you’re too full to think about dessert but still want that sweet taste in your mouth.

These gelatinous morsels filled with pistachio and coated (not dusted, coated!!) in icing sugar were quite addictive. We even ate the leftover sugar by the spoonful.

Paul and Sue, thank you so much. But now I have to replenish the box we emptied because I cannot live without it! Anyone know where to get some good Turkish Delight in Ottawa?


amydawnrose said...

Hi Rachelle- I don't have a source for great Turkish Delight here in Ottawa, but the Jean Talon Market has it in spades. I think it's worth a two-hour drive!

Rachelle said...

sweet thanks, i'll definitely have to check that out!

Sue said...

Hey - They have it at the Mid-East Food Centre on Belfast at St. Laurent, and also at the Istanbul Gourmet Food shop in Lincoln Fields. Glad you liked it!

kaitlin said...

Truffle Treasures has turkish delight, but in a variety of flavours. They're quite good, but hardly traditional.