Monday, May 31, 2010

Fresh Scallops with Asparagus and Risotto

My parents are in town for a few days and that usually means two things – food and wine. It's nice when your family appreciates the same things you do. I'd like to think that's not uncommon, but I've seen people not get along with family around food. Weird. That's what makes family. And that's what made me love food, growing up with such good food at home.

I pretty much laid out the menu for my husband, picking out some of my favourite recipes for their time here. It started last night with chipotle pork cheeseburgers, only this time he served them with Mexican-style stuffed potatoes (minus the tortilla chips). Honestly the BEST potato I've ever had. Ever. I want to eat this all day, everyday. I was in such awe by my plate I immediately began eating it without taking a photo. After a few bites I paused, contemplating stopping to do the deed, but just couldn't bring myself to it. I had to keep eating.

Tonight was another awe-inspiring dish. 4 giant, fresh sea scallops, so tender. And of course, as my husband always does, seared to utter perfection, like a perfectly cooked filet mignon. As my mother said, it's like the steak of the sea. Fresh thyme from our garden added some greenery to these gold and white beauties. Grilled local asparagus drizzled in salt, pepper and oil still had a slight crispness to them. And finally, mushroom risotto from La Bottega. We don't normally buy packaged foods but when you get something as good as this imported to your city, it's hard to pass it up. Plus it brings a plate together in no time.

Tomorrow I look forward to my husband's latest specialty (one of very many) – tender and juicy beef short ribs. My house is going to smell like a magical place tomorrow. I can't wait.

We have had many wines over the past couple days. One I must point out that is an easy-drinking summer wine, perfect for hanging out on the patio, or eating with scallops, Bonny Doon's Big House White. I picked up three bottles at the Rideau location on Saturday. Not sure how long they'll have it, but if you're there, don't leave without a bottle, or two. It's only $10.


Holly Bruns said...

Oooooh, a bargain wine I haven't tried. I'm going out to buy that Bonny Doon! And yes,too, the food looks amazing as always.

The Benny's said...

Speaking of wine, I tried; "Copper Moon", Syrah. Canadian. $8.45 on sale! I highly recommend.

Charlotte said...

I totally understand what you mean about family having the same interest as you. Food and wine brings people together and I think that is really important. I am lucky to have a family that feels the same! I love your picture of scallops! I might have to make some myself! Cheers!

Mary said...

It looks and sounds delicious! So happy to have found your site--beautiful photos, and in Ottawa too!