Monday, May 3, 2010

Yummy Bread Giveaway

I always try to eat as well as possible. Last year I even picked up the book Cook Right For Your Type. In that book I learned which foods I should eat more of and which ones to avoid. The good news was that, being type O allowed me to eat more meat than most blood types. What was discouraging was that I should avoid wheat. What made me feel like this book actually had some truth to it, was the fact that some of the foods that I was already avoiding because they made me feel yucky, where the ones that were on my avoid list. I was immediately converted.

So no wheat, no bread. Very sad. There was one, and only one, kind of bread I could eat and still feel great – sprouted. Sprouted bread is made from whole grains that have been germinated (sprouted). This form of preparing bread allows for maximum vitamin content and also breaks down the lectins that some people may be sensitive to. One delicious variation of sprouted grain bread is Silver Hills. They have been making their bread ever so slowly (approximately 40 hours per loaf!), carefully and simply for over 20 years. They sprout organic grain and then purée it into a dough that contains nearly triple the nutrients of breads made with flour. Major power food!

One of the things I’ve found with “healthier”, non-wheat breads is that my husband doesn’t really like them. So we usually have our own personal loaves of bread in the freezer. Since I’ve been buying this bread however, he too is hooked. Even better, they have a ton of different kinds (I haven’t even tried them all), which gives us variety too! They are very fresh, not something you’d expect from a bread that comes frozen, and really quite delicious.

Now, here’s where the fun part begins. I’ve been in contact with one of the people at Silver Hills and they have graciously given me some bread coupons to give to my wonderful readers. All you need to do is tell me what your favourite thing to do with bread is. Maybe your best sandwich recipe? Do you cut them up and toast them for croutons? Or simply pile on the homemade jam? One of my favourites, which really allows you to get the full yummy flavour of the bread, is a bit of butter and some honey – so simple and really quite delightful. I especially like it on the Squirrelly bread.

First two to leave a comment describing their favourite thing to do with bread will receive 2 free loaves from Silver Hills. But don’t worry, if you really want to try the bread and didn’t reply fast enough, you can help these guys out by filling out a simple survey at, and in return, get a free loaf of bread.

Places in Ottawa that carry the bread are Hartman’s, Herb & Spice and Rainbow Natural Foods.


Jen C said...

Ooh! Fave #1 = Grilled Cheese! and Fave #2 = toast with jam. Boring? so be it :)

melodie1974 said...

I make all sorts of croutons: to go with soup, to go in soup, to eat with cheese, pâté, etc.

I also go back to when I was little and add maple sugar on a piece of bread then add 35% cream on it! Yummy!

Rachelle said...

Wow! I think that's record time for comments! Congrats to both Jen and Melodie! If you guys would send me an email so I can get your email addresses, the Silver Hills Bakery will get in touch with you for your free loaves!

Brittany G said...

Im absolutley going to try this bread ASAP. I was at Herb and Spice the other night wish I had read your post before now ;)