Sunday, May 16, 2010

Steak, Salad and Summer

What a fantastic weekend! Ok, I know it's not summer yet but so far May is looking pretty summer-like. I honestly believe that the sun and warm weather heighten any food experience. And Friday night was the perfect evening for a barbecue and dinner outside.

Beautiful t-bone steak cooked medium-rare and flavoured with simple Montreal steak spice and bbq sauce. My husband is amazing on the grill. Results are always juicy, tender and to die for. Fried shitake mushrooms and onions had my tastebuds in overdrive. And a fresh arugula and spinach salad with warm toasted walnuts and herbed goat cheese was the perfect side.

And of course, for a meal to be considered “complete”, you need to serve it with an outstanding wine. This deep burgandy wine was filled with black cherry and blackberry flavours, some spice and aromas of sandalwood. 2005 Ceja Cabernet Sauvignon. We picked up this wine in the Napa Valley back in March and well, I adore this wine!

All in all, the perfect way to start off a fun-filled weekend.

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Cara said...

Hmm...I will have to try it! You have a great blog btw...stop by and check out mine ;)