Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maple Smoked Trout

There are a few things in life that make me VERY happy. Seafood is one of them. There's just something about the texture and flavour of fish that's so satisfying when cooked properly. Not to mention the fact that you just feel awesome after eating it. I love it done many different ways, grilled, raw, poached. But nothing compares to smoked fish. To me, that's the best.

Friends of ours, Jenn and Eric, gave us some trout her dad had caught up in Sudbury. We've had it in our freezer for a little while, waiting for that perfect moment when my husband had time to smoke it. It was well worth the wait. He brined the filets overnight in some brown sugar, maple syrup, salt and water. The next day he smoked them for hours, coating them in the maple syrup from Eric's camp.

Today I ate it. My husband served me a lovely salad of watercress and arugula topped with a creamy dill and horseradish dressing (olive oil, dill, horseradish, cream, vinegar), and red onions. Slivers of crisp apple lined the plate. And off to the side, there it was, so unbelievably tasty and rich – flaky smoked trout. The marriage of spicy horseradish and subtly tangy and fresh dill in the dressing was perfect not only for the salad, but also for the fish. The entire combination on that plate was simply to die for.

In addition to the fish, since my husband had the smoker going, he also smoked a chicken. Something he's done before and done very well. This time though, the chicken was cooked solely in the smoker (last time some time was also spent on the bbq). The result was the juiciest chicken I've ever had – I've never seen anything like it. So my lunches this week are filled with smoked chicken. I love it!

I don't know how he does it. But am I ever glad my husband knows how to cook so well. I think I'd have a pretty boring life without him.


Holly Bruns said...

Me too... I love fish. Hey, do you have a portable smoker, or do you make your own?

Rachelle said...

We've got the weber bullet: (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001I8ZTJA/thevirtualweberb)

But before that my husband used to smoke stuff on the barbecue.

you make a smoker box out of tinfoil:

presoak the chips for 30 minutes, turn the bbq and get it hot, throw the foil in the bottom (under the grill) and let it start smoking. turn the bbq off except the burner with the chips, and throw the meat on indirect heat (ie: where the burner isn't on). key is to leave the meat off of the direct heat as well as the direct smoke ('cause it can get really smokey if it's sitting right ontop of it).

It does smoke quite a bit though. the neighbours actually rang our doorbell because they thought the back of our house was on fire!

Holly Bruns said...

The bullet looks pretty slick. I'm thinking birthday present... I'm going to try the bbq version and see how it goes. Thanks Rachelle.

Rivka said...

This looks absolutely to die for. going to try to make it poor-man's style in a wok...wish me luck!

Rachelle said...

Good luck!!