Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sweet Salmon and Asparagus

The other night my husband made a delicious salmon. It's funny how, just by changing the way you make something, it can be as exciting as the first time you ever had it. I find that happens a lot when my husband cooks. I can't count the number of times we've had salmon. But I also can't count the number of different ways my husband has made it. Which is probably why, every time we have it, I'm in awe.

Before throwing these pink beauties on the barbecue, my husband coated them in a sweet sauce that he made by mixing 2 very big spoonfuls of butter and brown sugar, heating it in the microwave and then whisking it until it turned into a caramel-like texture (I tried some at this point and it took all of me not to eat the entire concoction). Then he added a dollop of honey, dijon and some soya sauce. Amazing. The result was a candied salmon – silky sweet sauce, crisp black honeyed edges and a thin brittle skin that just begged to be eaten.

Sides included some local wilted spinach and green onions, and al dente asparagus sprinkled with lime and parmesan. Yummm!

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treesaw said...

Oh wow, this looks delish!