Monday, November 3, 2008

Flying Piggy’s Bistro

A coworker of mine gave me a gift certificate to this restaurant a few months ago. I'm sorry it took me so long to finally go; however, I do find Italian food more cold-weather friendly (I can eat way more for some reason). The minute we walked in we were greeted by the best smile i've ever had walking into a restaurant. The interior was very cute, and not what you would expect coming in off Bank Street. It's very warm and cozy. As usual when presented with a great menu, I had a hard time deciding what to eat. I managed to narrow my decision down to either the Rutabaga, Pear and Maple Soup with Curry Oil Drizzle and the Roasted Lamb Sirloin and Hazelnut-Raisin Brown Butter with Pumpkin and Spinach Bread Pudding from the daily specials or the Escargot Crostini – Garlic Snails with Blue Cheese Sauce and the Ravioli of the day – Duck, Ricotta and Raisins stuffed in their homemade pasta and smothered in a wonderful Rosé Sauce. If you haven't noticed by my last two posts, I have a soft spot for ravioli. So I went with that. They brought some warm buns with oil and balsamic to start. I did the best I could not to fill up on bread. Then my appetizer came. It was delicious! And it took all of me not to lick the last of the blue cheese sauce off the plate. My main was also very good, and I really enjoyed the raisins in the ravioli, it was a unique and fun change to your typical Italian dish. All in all, it was a wonderful evening. Apps range between $7 and $12 and mains between $14 and $26.

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Teresa said...

I do enjoy warm buns.

Rachelle said...

excuse me, could we please try your hot buns?