Monday, November 24, 2008

Grey Cup Dinner at Donnie’s

I almost didn't write about this because I was an idiot and didn't bring my camera with me last night. But despite the lack of visual stimuli, I felt it was important to keep it in my food diary. I don't blog on everything I eat. I usually leave out the meals that are at restaurants i've already blogged about, meals we've already had that were similar or details about specific meals that would just get too confusing to start going into detail about. For example, my weekend at Zoya's – the reason we had two soups was because her other friend Rachelle whom I met that night, and who also loves food, and a lot of other things I love (we hit it off really well), her daughter made the delicious sweet potato with peppers soup, but if you view the post and it's complexity, you'll see why I didn't go into detail.

Ok, enough rambling. I'm happy to say that this is the third male in my life who cooks for me. And yes, I do love to rub that in. I feel truly blessed with the friends I have and every single one of them, whether they cook for me or not, are the best people in the world. We all headed over to Donnie's for dinner and the Grey Cup on his giant TV. He started us off with an amazing ratatouille – tomatoes, garlic, onions, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers with apple cider vinegar. This was served along side our choice of veggie, chicken or beef samosas (thanks Eric!). Then for our main, we had an awesome curry chicken and veggie dish served on rice. 3 people actually brought dessert too, so by the end of it all, I was stuffed. The walk home was very pleasant and very much needed to help digest everything we ate. Thanks Donnie!

I'm adding onto this post because I just received the recipe for the ratatouille so I thought i'd share.

What you’ll need
1 Aubergine
1TBSP Olive Oil
1 Onion sliced in strips
1 Green Pepper sliced in strips
3 Cloves Garlic
1-2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
8 tiny fine tomatoes (cut in half)
mixed ground peppercorns
sprigs of oregano for garnish (didn't have, couldn't find any)

What to do
Cube aubergine and place in a colander and sprinkle with salt, let stand for 20 mins then drain and rinse.
Heat oil and sautee pepper and onion and garlic. Then stir in aubergine and cook on high heat for about 5 mins. When gold in colour, add vinegar. Remove from heat. Add tomatoes and let cool. Chill in fridge until cold. Garnish with Oregano.

He also doubled the green pepper and used a big eggplant. Enjoy!


Sophie said...

ooo... i am an eggplant super fan! sigh. i want the spicy eggplant sooooo badly right now. with rice.

Here I bought a sauce pack so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.

Rachelle said...

mmm, sounds good (and easier), let me know how it is!