Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend at Zoya’s

If any of you are wondering how I ever survived before I met my husband, let me introduce you to Zoya. We met about 12 years ago in New Brunswick at the agency where we worked. When she decided to move to Ottawa, I quickly followed. She was my first roommate and we quickly established the she-cooks-I-clean motto. For 2 girls just trying to make ends meet, we ate very well, thanks to her. And for someone who likes to cook, time can only make you better, and she proved that this weekend with every meal she made. Our resort-like menu was exceptional to say the least. 

We arrived at her place in Tremblant Friday night to Pita Pizzas. These tasty and healthy whole wheat pitas were topped with regular tomato and sundried tomato paste, artichokes, onions, sundried tomatoes, red peppers, black olives, porcini mushrooms, hot hungarian salami, calabrese salami and feta. (Throw in the oven at 425 until crisp). With the pizza, she served tomatoes topped with bocchini cheese, watercress and balsamic cream. Yum!

For breakfast the next morning she served a homemade broccoli quiche. Then made sloppy-joes for lunch. (I hadn't had these since I was a kid, very fun!) And for dinner, we started with a soup duo – roasted cauliflower and sweet potato with peppers. For our main, and this is the topper, crab and cheese stuffed chicken with a spinach salad and roasted potato wedges. I've never had chicken so juicy and tender ever. The meal was amazing!

Our last morning there, she treated us to the most decadent pancakes. They were served with maple syrup, strawberries and bananas, and possibly the best whipped cream i've ever had, made with vanilla and brown sugar. I see a lot of biking in my future to make up for all the calories I consumed this weekend. Thanks Zoya! We had a great time!

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