Sunday, October 5, 2008

Marché Jean-Talon – Montreal

My husband and I were visiting my mother-in-law this weekend. As usual when we go to Montreal, we stopped in at the market to pick up food for dinner. Only this time we went to the Jean-Talon market instead of the Atwater one. Unlike the Atwater market, this one is all outdoors and much larger. I was a bit chilly at first, but the sight and smell of all the fruits and vegetables and flowers warm you instantly. There are many specialty stalls and shops, Italian, Asian and regional foods are on display. I'm always so excited when i'm surrounded by such good food. My mouth was watering watching people walk by with fresh, warm corn on the cob, in the distance the smell of sausage frying and to my right, fresh homemade crepes. Oh where to begin!? And really, where do you begin? This place is huge. Luckily we had a list of what we needed. And we were able to get everything from the lamb to the fennel seeds and everything in between. We even finished off our shopping with some meat on a stick (they have a variety of game for $1 each), and a chocolate cupcake that melted in your mouth. Definitely a fun place to go on a Saturday afternoon. Just make sure to be in the head space for crowds and give yourself extra time to find parking.

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