Monday, October 27, 2008

Duck Confit and Spiced Blueberry Compote with Butternut & Sage Risotto from the Red Apron

My husband is away on business this week. So my choices were: A. Starve or B. Grab a meal from The Red Apron. And Red Apron to the rescue it was! I planned ahead and picked up a couple of dishes last Friday. Each one has 2 servings so I'll be good for the next 4 days. Tonight I went with the Duck Confit. Serve this sumptuous meal on a candle-lit table with a glass of wine and you'll feel like you're dining at a fancy restaurant. The only thing missing was the conversation aspect. But my 12-year-old-hard-of-hearing dog did all he could to fill those shoes. Total cost for dinner this evening? $11 ($22 for the two servings), and took me 15 minutes to cook. Genius!


Niall Harbison said...

Sometimes you got to love taking the easy option! When it is just for yourself it can be a bit of a chore cooking but at least you had the dog!

Teresa said...

I'm totally picturing Seb sitting at the table with you.

Rachelle said...

There was some major drool action.