Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweet Basil

I had a hard time rating this restaurant. I wanted to give it 2.5 stars but I told myself I would keep my blog simple and not do the half star thing. So having to choose between 2 and 3 stars, it definitely deserved 3. This place is outside of my bubble but is close to work, so i've only been for lunch. The food is quite tasty, and I must say, the portions are the perfect size. I have a hard time stopping myself when there's something good in front of me. And when in the presence of thai food, I always leave with a belly ache – usually from eating too much pad thai. I almost ordered the pad thai for lunch this time, which is what I always get when I go to this restaurant or any other restaurant with pad thai on the menu! But I decided to be different this time and ordered the lunch combo. Please note that I have never not ordered pad thai in a thai restaurant before! I've eaten other things, but always had the pad thai to accompany it. Ok, enough about the pad thai. So the combination plate at $13.50 had stir fried green vegetables, sauteed pork, a light curry with chicken, potato and coconut milk, 2 spring rolls and some rice. A bit pricy for lunch, but very good, and not greasy at all. The service is also good. They have 2 other restaurants in Ottawa under different names, Anna and Som Tum. I enjoyed my lunch but had a bit of food envy on the person sitting next to me with the pad thai. That's what i'll get next time.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to your sore belly comment.....I went there for lunch with my two adult children on june 29,2010 and food seem good until a few hours later when well had to run to the toilet. I use the term run loosely if you get drift which at that moment i'm sure you the wind was going the other direction. Total garbage!!!! Even the landfill would reject the food.

Rachelle said...

my belly was just sore from being full. I think the quality of food here is really good.