Sunday, October 12, 2008

Turkey Dinner

My husband does a fabulous job at making Thanksgiving dinner. His turkey is always very moist and flavourful. I could never pull off the entire dinner the way he does, i'd probably get anxious and give up. He on the other hand, makes it look so easy. My favorite part of the dinner has always been the stuffing. I mix it with potatoes, squash and gravy. We also had green beans, cranberry sauce and homemade bread that our friend's grandmother made. A comforting meal at it's best!

For dessert, friends of ours brought a homemade pumpkin pie and so did my mother-in-law – so we had a bake-off. Both were equally delicious – Eric's had a homemade crust that melted in your mouth and my mother-in-law's version had orange and lemon zest in it, which gave it a unique and wonderful kick. I'm so full right now it hurts.

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