Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mamma Teresa

We used to live three doors down from this restaurant and would often go here for dinner with a group of friends before a late night out. It's warm and has a more formal dining atmosphere inside, but is not a fancy restaurant by any means. A huge percent of their customers are political folk, and the wait staff know just what to say to make a woman feel good. The service is impeccable and the dishes, although pretty standard with no presentation, are consistently very good. Last night a few of us went for a late dinner (they're one of the only restaurants in Ottawa who still serve food after 10pm on a Friday night – sad but true). We ordered the house Sangiovese and Smelts to start. I love their smelts, we get them every time – they melt in your mouth. For our mains, my friend ordered the Pesto Linguini, I had the Lobster Ravioli (big surprise) in a rosé sauce and my husband ordered the Cheese Tortellini with Cream Sauce, Mushrooms and Prosciutto. Mine was good, my husband's was great, it had way more flavour. I didn't scan the prices on the menu to do my price range because I assumed i'd be able to find it online, but it's not. From what I remember, I believe the apps range in around the $10 area and mains from $15 to $30. They also offer frozen take out on a few dishes and some fresh sauces.

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