Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elk Burgers with Kale and Tomato

How do I love meat? Let me count the ways. This burger was so big, and so delicious, I had to eat it all. The results – me stuffed and thinking I should take a few days off from my meat obsession. I see salmon and haddock in my near future. Don't get me wrong, this is fine meat, the stuff rich people must eat every day. I wouldn't pig out on meat that has been processed somewhere unknown or that is full of fat. These local producers' meats are very lean, very healthy, and taste absolutely amazing. You wouldn't really believe it unless you tried it. This is another fantastic purchase from the Elk Ranch. If you don't want to drive way out to Carp, you can find them at the Ottawa Farmers' Market on Sundays. I bought four giant patties for $20. My husband barbecued the burgers and they didn't even reduce in size, that's how lean they were. He topped them with a bit of mayo, mustard, tomato, onions, wild garlic and kale and served them with some tomatoes and goat cheese and barbecued asparagus. That's right! Living the high life! You know, it's worth it to know where your food is coming from. That's my next obsession, and i've already kind of started – buying local.

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