Saturday, May 30, 2009

Walleye Burger from the Whalesbone Supply Shop

I've blogged about the Whalesbone's Sustainable Oyster and Fish Supply shop on Kent street before. I normally don't blog the same spot twice but I think I'm going to have to start making exceptions if each visit is as fun and satisfying as mine was today. The last time I blogged about it was when my husband made a seared wild salmon dish that was absolutely fantastic. Today I picked up some halibut, sockeye salmon, smoked albacore tuna and 4 walleye burgers.

We're building a new deck in our backyard, and what better way to feed 3 hard working men and myself but with a satisfying and absolutely delicious walleye burger with all the fixings. In addition to the lightly fried fish, were yummy fried onions, mayo and lettuce. Worth every penny of the $5.50 price tag. You will not get a better quality fish sandwich in Ottawa.

I also shared a few pieces of my smoked tuna with the guys and it was fantastic. So fresh, smokey and buttery. If you do anything at all today, go buy some smoked albacore tuna from the Whalesbone. You won't regret it! Actually, they close at 2pm on Saturdays, so you'll have to wait until Monday. I was surprised at how busy they were when I arrived. About 8 people were waiting ahead of me for their sandwich, and another 6 arrived after. To make the wait for our freshly made sandwiches a little more exciting, they put on some tunes. Besides the fact that the sandwich alone is worth waiting for, it was a nice touch. I love having this store so close to my home. It makes eating really well, really easy.

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Don said...

Can't say enough good things about the Whalesbone Sustainable Fish and Oyster Supply's "Famous Bagged Lunches." There was no walleye when last I visited. So trying it next time and picking up some smoked tuna too! Magical things come out of their smoker in the back.

Love the blog btw...Avid follower, first comment :)

Rachelle said...

Yes, definitely you need to try the walleye! I just checked out your blog and the photo of the warm smoked salmon looks fantastic. I'll be getting that one next time!