Monday, May 25, 2009

Salmon Burgers with Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

I'm really starting to like the Metro in the Glebe. The more I look around in that store, the more I love what I see. In addition to a good natural/organic section of packaged foods, they also carry local products, like bison and beef. And really yummy fresh food, like what I had for dinner tonight. I picked up these fresh, pre-made salmon burgers thinking they'd be a great quick fix when my husband didn't feel like doing some crazy elaborate meal. I should have know that these simple burgers would turn into an amazing dinner with all the fixings! Alone they would have been great. The way my husband prepared them is to die for. We had hamburgers for lunch so neither of us felt like having a bun with them. So my husband rolled them in some bread crumbs and fried them like a fish cake. We had some leftover sundried tomato pesto so he mixed it with 2 big spoonfuls of yogurt and one of mayo and carefully spread it over the salmon burger/cake. And if that wasn't enough yumminess, he topped that concoction with a mixture of chopped tomatoes, cilantro and olive oil. Alongside this heavenly patty, were 3 caper berries and some homemade sweet potato fries that my husband tossed in some leftover rib spice rub, cayenne, olive oil, pepper and rock salt. He baked them at 450 for 20 minutes on a tray amongst some wild garlic bulbs. The fries were just the right spiciness and went perfectly with the salmon. I couldn't be a happier wife right now. This is by far the way to my heart. And he's got mine forever!

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