Thursday, May 21, 2009

Perogies with Curry Cilantro Sauce

I don't care what anyone says, no one cooks perogies like my husband. They are soft on the inside and fried crisp and golden brown on the bottom layer of the outside. What makes them even more special is what he adds to them – perfectly fried, almost caramelized, onions and a homemade yogurt, mayo, curry and cilantro sauce for dipping. These perogies were stuffed with cottage cheese and potato. Nothing special until my husband got a hold of them. He served them with green beans. Yummy!


James said...

Did some blog hopping to find this...

... I'm happy because the food sounds delicious.

I am unhappy because said delicious food description was not accompanied by a recipe. ;)

Anonymous said...

for the sauce, i mixed (all rough measurements):

• half cup of yogurt
• 2 spoonfuls of mayo
• 1 good spoonful of curry
• few dashes of cumin
• a good handful of cilantro, rinsed and chopped


perogies are steamed in a pan with about 2 inches of water that's left to boil and evaporate (with a lid on loosely). once evaporated, i throw in a dollop of butter and fry them till they're crispy on the bottom. fry up some onions - enjoy!

- the husband

James said...

*scribble scribble*

Thanks! :)

Couple of questions:

Store bought perogies or homemade?

If store bought - do you thaw them first? (If you have a place there that sells them fresh, I am envious!)

Rachelle said...

Yup, store bought. Cook from frozen. Boil in a bit of water then brown in the frying pan. In fact, boil them in the frying pan.

Shari said...

This sauce sounds good! Gotta try it!

sam said...

Hey there! Jumping around on the net, and found your comment... hope it's ok to "unhumbly" self-promote ??? I make homemade perogi and trust me, they'll make your recipe 10x more yummy! I sell them at the Main Farmers'Market on St. Paul University campus Saturdays :)

Rachelle said...

Please do self promote! I'll have to check out your stand. Just out of curiosity, have you ever done wheat-free perogies?