Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smoked Elk Sausage with Fried Yellow Boletus and Onions

I dropped $70 in about 10 minutes this morning at the Ottawa Farmer's Market. I'm sure I could have taken my time visiting each stall, but it was freezing out, so my shopping was done in record time. I bought some fresh garlic and a ton of meat. Ground beef, ground venison, ground lamb, elk hamburgers and what we ate tonight, smoked elk sausage from the Elk Ranch. I've had their meat before, so I wasn't surprised at how flavourful and downright awesome it was. My husband threw them on the barbecue and served them with some fried onions and boletus mushrooms, as well as beets and fiddleheads. The addition of fried onions on a plate take it from great to fantastic. I'm so lazy when it comes to cooking that I never take the time to make any meal great. I settle with good. My husband skips good altogether. With no effort his meals are great. But the majority of the time they're fantastic and impossible to match. He's got to be the reason I love food so much!

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