Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cod with Fennel, Onions, Black Olives and Tomatoes

I drove to Tremblant yesterday to spend the weekend with my friend Zoya and to spend the day cooking with her, Rachelle (another Rachelle who also loves food), and Jas (Jacinthe). In fact, all four of us are food lovers. The only difference is that in addition to loving food, they also love to cook, not one of my fortes. But I thought i'd join in on the fun anyway. We spent a total of $400 (or $100 each) and made a ton of food. As the week goes on you'll see many posts coming from this cooking extravaganza. So last night, although quite exhausted, Rachelle and Zoya still managed to prepare a gorgeous meal. I didn't partake in the cooking of that one. I believe Jas may have done some chopping for it as well but didn't get to reap the benefits as she didn't stay for dinner. Rachelle picked up some cod at where she claims to be the best fishery in Montreal, Poissonnerie Antoine on avenue du Parc. And I believe her. This fish was fantastic – so fresh, and was cooked perfectly. They baked it with some fennel, onions, black olives and tomato in vegetable stock. It really was the icing on the cake after a full day of cooking. Keep your eyes open for some upcoming pics of our meals. We made turkey and sundried tomato meatloaf, vegetable torte, veggie quiche, quinoa and shrimp salad, thai curry fish, vegetable and pesto lasagna, hummus and energy balls – it was insane!

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