Sunday, May 10, 2009

Holder – Montreal

My parents were in Montreal this weekend staying at my brother's place so we made our way there to spend mother's day both with them and my mother-in-law. We decided we were going to take them out for dinner to Holder, a wonderful French restaurant in old Montreal. I'd been once before, quite a few years ago, and always remebered this place as having the best beef tartare i've ever had. So of course I ordered it again. Instead of having it as my main this time I got it as a starter. It's a pretty big starter, thank god because I was sharing a lot of it. It was fantastic, as I remembered it, and just strengthened my original memory of it being the best ever. As I was scrolling through the menu trying to decide on my main, I saw it, the dish that would make this a meal tailored specifically to me – the Lobster Ravioli. I quickly shut my menu, there was nothing else in there that could possibly change my mind. I was so excited to eat. The quality of food did not disappoint. Everyone was raving about their dishes. I got to try a few and they were indeed very good. My mother started off with the Cream of Asparagus soup with crab and ham and force fed me a bite, I'm glad she did, it was amazing and full of flavour. I also tried some of her main, the Roasted Scallops in Safron Sauce, Leek “confits” and Spinach, so good. My mother-in-law ordered the Calamari to start, I had some of that too, as did my mother who raved that she had never had calamari so good as it's usually too rubbery. This one was perfect. I've noticed since I started my blog, people tend to share their meals with me more willingly, that may be the best part of doing this! So I also tried my husband's Holder Style Fish and Chips. These were the least greasy fish and chips I've ever had, which quickly puts them at the top of my list for best fish and chips. I let my brother pick the wine for the meal which ended up being a great decision on my part. I was about to order one I was familiar with but the one he chose was equally delicious if not better – Côtes du Rhône Villages “Ortas” 2004, Rasteau. Yes, I was very full by the end of it. But a bottle of Maury Vintage 2004, Mas Amiel quickly kicked my digestive system into gear. I love port at the end of a meal, as does my family, so evenings with them often end on a high note. This restaurant is a consistently good restaurant. Anyone we've sent there has raved about the food. The service is equally fantastic in this loud, traditionally French hustle-bustle restaurant. I would highly recommend it if you want a fun start to an evening out. I'm not sure it was the best place to bring the mothers however. Although there were many large groups in the restaurant, I think the loudness of the restaurant made hearing the person at the end of the table near impossible, but for a smaller group, it's a great place to go. Apps range from $8 to $21 and mains from $16 to $34. As you will see above, I've added a plus sign to my 3 star rating. Keeping the ratings to 5 simple choices has proven to be more difficult than originally planned. This restaurant is the first to leave me completely stumped. I can't do 3 and I can't do 4. So it is a 3+.

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Graham Law said...

Rachelle, great post. PHOTOS! please.

Rachelle said...

I guess i'm too embarrassed to take photos in public places! I know it would help with the visualization. Maybe some day i'll get up the nerve!

Graham Law said...

Does "your husband" not know how to wield a camera? :-)

Still have the maple syrup. We'll get it there somehow soon.

Rachelle said...

Maybe i'll break out of my shell next time I go out to eat! As for the syrup, i'll come get it! just tell me where. Otherwise, let me know when you're in the area.