Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smoked Ribs

Well, my husband finally broke in his new smoker yesterday, and did we ever enjoy it! He decided to make ribs for the first smoke of the season. What a great choice.

The ribs came from Aubrey's Meats in the market and were country cut, meaning tons of thick meat around the bone, a lot more than you would normally get with regular ribs. My husband had asked for 4 racks but they only had 2, so to serve the number of guests we were having he country cut them. My husband used his best friend Montague's Memphis rub recipe to flavour them. It's a mixture of 2 tbs of each garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, chili powder, cumin, brown sugar, 3-4 tbs of paprika and 2 tsp of cayenne and is it ever delicious! Once all rubbed in, they have to sit for about 2 hours. My husband then smoked them for 4 hours using apple chips. About 3 hours in he sprayed them with some apple juice and added more rub. 10 minutes before removing them from the smoker, he coated them with barbecue sauce. 

The meat was just falling off the bone, and were they ever meaty. The smokey flavour was fantastic and with the rub was just heavenly. I don't think i've ever enjoyed ribs so much. I have no idea why anyone would cook them any other way. I want to smoke everything now. It may become an obsession. With this mouthwatering meat we also had some potato salad, coleslaw and really great wine. I carefully chose a suitable wine for this dish from my little collection and man was it the right choice. I went with the Saltram of Barossa Cab Sauvignon. It fits it's description perfectly, powerful, intense and full-bodied. It was so good, I would highly recommend this for any meat dish. 

My friend Dino also brought a wonderful wine of the same intensity, Faugères. So yummy. Overall, a pretty fun evening of eating and drinking.

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