Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was pretty excited for my evening at this restaurant from the minute I made the reservation. They were so friendly and happy to receive my call I figured the great service would just be a given. And I was right. Teresa and I decided we would take our friend Gina there for her birthday. It was a smart choice. The dimly lit restaurant as the day turned to dusk created a very warm and relaxing atmosphere. Our server added to that zen-like sensation as he was very attentive but not in-your-face and spoke almost poetically but with a side of humour. He was fantastic. My friend commented she would like to have him read her a bed time story. It's the service and entire experience we had that brought my rating to a four star. Now onto the food. At first glance confusion set in as I knew, trying to choose what to eat was going to be a very difficult decision. The Atlantic Lobster Salad was screaming out at me, as was the Steak and Frites in a port reduction, with the choice to add foie gras to it! I decided the main reason I was so drawn to the steak was more for what came with it than the steak itself, so I went with my other two choices, Alberta Spring Lamb Carpaccio to start and the Quebec Guinea Fowl Supreme as my main. The carpaccio was quite yummy and full of flavour due mostly to the olive tapenade, oregano leaves, preserved lemon, feta and tzatziki that was served with it. The Guinea Fowl was cooked exactly how my husband would do it if he made it. I almost had to ask if he was back there. It was fantastic. The skin on the outside was crispy and full of flavour, and the inside, tender and juicy. It was served with a satisfying risotto, peas, pea shoots and king oyster mushrooms. Even the risotto was cooked and presented similarly to my husband's way of cooking. I've never compared a restaurant to my husband before but I couldn't help but do it this time. My friends both ordered the Spinach Gnocchi as their main. It was served with wild mushrooms, grape tomatoes, pine nuts and arugula-lemon pesto. They too were quite pleased with their choice. I got to try a bit and I have to agree, it was very good. In addition to the delectable food choices they also had some good wines on the menu. Years ago I visited the Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz. Their wines are delicious and quite difficult to find. Any time I see them available on menu or in random liquor stores I buy them right away. They had a Sangiovese Ca' Del Solo in the reds which i've had before and loved, but we had decided to go with white, so I ordered the 2006 Le Cigare Blanc. I really don't know a lot about white wines, but this one was ok. I can't say it was the best white wine i've ever had – if I knew more about them and what to look for to get that taste that I do like, I probably wouldn't have ordered this one. But it went well with our meal nonetheless. As we were leaving, a man who I believe to be the owner or manager mentioned that once their patio is set up they allow you to bring your pooch on the other side of the fence. Fine dining with my dog at my side!? Is this a dream come true or what! I'll be back for sure, either with my dog or without. There were some pretty good dessert selections that we didn't have room for but that have our names on it. Apps range from $6 to $15 and mains from $18 to $26 and up.

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Stephen said...


A quick thank you for your most enjoyable blog. Being an Ottawa "Foodie" I love your enthusiasm and willingness to share your experiences with food.

Rachelle said...

Thanks so much, i'm glad you enjoy it! It's nice to have a spot to go back to and remember the fantastic food you've had.

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