Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coconut Curried Vegetables

The minute I walked in to my friends Katie and Jamie's I knew we were in for a real treat. I could smell the spices and my mouth began to water immediately. We don't see them all that often but when we do, the time we share together usually revolves around food at someone's house (my favourite) and great conversation. After a delicious glass of wine we moved into the dining room where the table was brightly decorated with candy coated, chocolate Easter eggs and a gold Lindt bunny – so adorable!

For dinner they served an exotic coconut curried vegetable dish taken from Vij's cookbook. Vij's is a highly rated Indian restaurant in Vancouver. The subtle spices of this dish blended so well with the vegetables and made for a truly warm and comforting meal, perfect for shutting out the cold, rainy weather outside. They served this with some basmati rice, cooked to perfection, and yummy naan bread. 

I regretted having seconds because along with the chocolate eggs, also came some decadent homemade crepes. These warm, sweet bundles of awesomeness were stuffed with pear and chocolate and drizzled with even more chocolate sauce and strawberries. It was to die for and went so well with the wine. At this point we were onto La Vendimia, which was a lighter, fruitier wine than we had to start – a perfect accompaniment to the dessert. I can't rave enough about the evening, it was the perfect prelude to the weekend.

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