Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumplings from Dong Ling

A couple of friends of mine rave about the dumplings at Dong Ling. My husband and I decided to go there today to get some for dinner. It's a tiny little hole in the wall with a couple of freezers when you walk in. When we were there I didn't notice any menu other than the list of dumplings but from what i've read online I guess they do many other Chinese dishes for takeout as well. This place is now one of my new favourite spots. They have about a dozen different kinds of dumplings, I really just wanted to bring every kind home. Luckily they only took cash, and we had just enough for one bag, $8 and you get 40 dumplings, it's insane. We went with the Pork and Chinese Cabbage ones. The woman behind the cash was super nice too, and very happy to have us there. She had just brought out some warm meat patties. She noticed my husband eying them and let us take one free. It was stuffed with a tasty pork concoction and the outside was a bit greasy and dense – so delicious. I'd go back again just to get one of those. My husband cooked up the dumplings in his usual awesome way (he cooks everything perfectly) and served them with a zucchini and green bean salad tossed with a Japanese ginger dressing and sesame seeds. I love the way my husband makes this salad, he thinly cuts the zucchini length-wise with a slicer and it makes them almost noodle-like. The perfect side for what I think were some of the best dumplings i've ever had. You could really taste the freshness of the ingredients inside. The dumpling itself is also a bit thicker than a lot of dumplings i've had in the past. I can't wait to go back and get more. There will definitely always be a bag of these in my freezer going forward.

The dressing on the salad we had also deserves credit. If you like Asian flavours or are looking for a dressing to put over a salad to go with your dumplings, this one is fantastic. Renée's Japanese Ginger – so yummy!

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