Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maple BBQ Smoked Salmon and Veggies on Penne

I'm really not sure if i'm going to be able to describe this meal well enough so that you get the picture on how awesome it was. My husband is a king behind the barbecue. In fact, my parents proudly accepted him into the family after he perfectly cooked 3 different meats, fish and veggies on my dad's barbecue and served everything at the same time one year. He's done even more crazy things on ours at home. We often host large groups in the summertime, each with their own meat, all cooked by my husband. Our dinner tonight was a maple salmon barbecued until caramelized and blackened on the outside, moist inside. Those crisp, sweet bits just melted in your mouth, it was decadent. He also charred some asparagus, green beans and zucchini on the bbq that had been tossed in garlic powder and olive oil – i've never had asparagus so good in my life. They were almost like a snack, like chips or something. And if that wasn't enough, he served it all over some penne tossed in butter, lemon, garlic, fresh ground pepper and a tbs of dijon. Each item had such strong, mouthwatering flavours and combined was heaven. I told my husband he should open a restaurant, i'd seriously come back for this one again and again. He sprinkled some green onion over the top just before serving. 


An ostrich named Sam said...

I see what your husband cooks and I think , does he have any brothers! LOL just kidding, but the food he cooks looks divine every time! I love asparagus cooked on a BBQ drizzled with EVOO and coarse salt. Yummy... Now I want to get my BBQ out and try some new things.

Rachelle said...

Oh man! you haven't gotten your bbq out? that should be the top thing on your list this weekend. Not sure if you're going to have as good a weather as we are. I think we may break in the new smoker so there should be some good posts this weekend on that. And, you're not the first person to ask if he has any brothers! unfortunately he does not.