Thursday, March 25, 2010

BBQ Chicken and Pork Burgers

My husband had some business to do in Almonte today and before returning to Ottawa he stopped in at Don's Meat Market for some ground chicken and pork. The results of that visit were to-die-for.

Pretty much mix pork into anything and it will be delicious. Add some Philippe de Vienne spices and it becomes phenomenal. My husband did just that tonight, following the many food pairing recommendations they have on their web site. The duck hunter's spices were the perfect match. Fennel, cardamom and mandarin peel, the mix of spices was flavourful but mild enough to not overpower this juicy burger.

My husband also served some sweet potato fries with a heavenly mayo for dipping. All he did was add some more magical spice. This time he used the cipâte du lac St Jean. Yummy!!

These spices really do bring a meal up a few notches, adding new flavours to some familiar dishes. My husband's meals are already outstanding – so you can just imagine how blown away I'm feeling right now!


The Benny's said...

Drooooling on my keyboard

kristina said...

What was your ratio of chicken and pork?

Rachelle said...

I asked my husband and here was his response:

oh god - i have no idea. it doesn't really matter. probably close to half and half, but maybe more chicken. depends on what you like. if you like more chicken, then add more chicken. i add pork to things
like chicken burgers, spaghetti sauces, etc... 'cause pork is so good and adds flavor.