Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick’s Day Feast 2010

Another St Patrick’s day, another belly full of goodies. Our friends Tony and Cathy outdid themselves yet again this year with their magnificent spread of heavenly eats. I just hear the word Irish and all my memories of this very party in years past start to fill my head.

All our senses were heightened within 5 minutes of entering their home. From the comforting smell of simmering curry, to the light crispness of panko crusted shrimp, the sound of laughter and vibrant music and the view of friends, some whom we hadn’t seen since the last party of it’s kind. What a night.

As if the long table of self-serve food wasn’t enough, Trish stepped up to the plate as the hors d’œuvres server for the evening. Balancing a silver platter full of unexpected little extras, she quickly became the life of the party. I was in heaven.

My first bite happened so fast I wasn’t even prepared (meaning I did not have my camera in hand). Spicy chorizo and bocconcini bites. I made sure I had my camera after that because Trish was by soon after with mouthwatering panko crusted shrimp – oh my!

One of the best bites of the evening – stuffed mushroom caps. Magical little creations filled with chopped mushrooms, parmesan, kielbasa, chives, breadcrumbs and topped with crispy panko crumbs.

As usual, the table was filled with Irish décor, almost all edible.

Sweet, festive cupcakes – really, what’s a party without cupcakes!?

Teeny little bite-size burgers that made everyone smile. I wanted to eat ten! (Don’t worry, I only had one.) I had to save room for all the warming curry dishes that sat at the end of the table.

Coconut curry chicken, probably one of the best combination of ingredients in the world. And a tomato-based curry with chickpeas, potato and cauliflower. Seriously, to die for.

And if anyone didn't get their fill on the above, the Dewie made an appearance at the end of the night as it always does. Hot out of the oven!

I can’t thank you guys enough for hosting. The countdown is now on to next year’s bash, which I’m certain will blow us all out of the water, again.


Don said...

Impressed! That's some spread!

All topped off with glasses of stout? Guinness?

Happy Belated St. Patties :)

Rachelle said...

oh yes, lots of Guinness!

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