Sunday, March 28, 2010

Papas Tapas Martinis – Montreal

My husband and I were in Montreal on Saturday. The evening portion was reserved for the hockey game and yes, a hot dog. So taking the time to dine at a nice restaurant that evening was out of the question. But that didn't leave the afternoon out! During our search for the perfect afternoon restaurant, we came upon this lovely Portuguese tapas bar on St-Laurent.

We grabbed the table right at the front of the restaurant where the sunshine was pouring in. Giant white leather chairs pulled up to a table that had been hand painted by a local artist. The other tables were plain, so I say we got the “special” spot! (That's what happens when you go to a restaurant at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.)

We started off with 2 perfect bloody ceasars. Then came the hard part, making choices. The menu looked fantastic, bison rib, pan seared tuna in port sauce, oh where to begin! We finally decided to go with, what I think, were the best choices we could have made.

First, flambeed grilled octopus with sliced fennel. The plate arrived with smoking rosemary – so fragrant. The chewy octopus bathed in a yummy, slightly spicy sauce that just begged to have the warm buns (delivered earlier) mop it up. And the fennel, long slivers still crisp and fresh just completed the dish.

Then came the most amazing cod fritters. These lightly breaded, crusty fish cakes were served with a trio of dipping sauces. Creamy aioli, house ketchup and spicy. We were in heaven.

The final two dishes continued on the same track of awesomeness. Oyster mushrooms and egg sauteed with garlic.

And beef tartare, tender and piquant – I adored every bite. I was sad to see the meal end, but this was the perfect finale to this satisfying afternoon lunch.

Service was excellent and dishes range between $5 and $16. Had we been there for dinner I would have indulged in one of their older ports and possibly one of their half dozen desserts. Also if you're a martini lover, the list is pretty extensive.

Papas Tapas-Martinis

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