Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scoma’s – Sausalito

This touristy restaurant sits right on the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. Their cozy patio allows you to soak in the sun while breathing in the fresh ocean air. Exactly what you want to be doing when on holiday. 

The food is also nice, full-on seafood. My husband started off with the Steamed Clams and I the Crab Cocktail. The fresh Manila clams were steamed in a broth of clam juice, garlic, onions and white wine, delicious. My Dungeness crab shaped like a scoop of ice cream, flaky and with a dollop of seafood sauce.

Staying on the crab side of things, I also got the crab cake served with a spicy remoulade. My husband ordered the Bay Shrimp Sandwich but ended up with the Crab Cake Burger (all my crab orders must have screwed them up). He ate it anyway, but left the most aweful-tasting potato salad that came with it aside.

Service was not great, which is the reason I only gave these guys one star. Food is good and fresh. And as mentioned above the patio and view are wonderful, and the only reason we decided to stay. Had we had to sit inside, we wouldn't have stuck around.

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