Saturday, March 20, 2010

Épices de cru from Ethné and Philippe de Vienne

Ethné and Philippe de Vienne are true spice hunters. Traveling the world to bring what you need to make your dish as authentic as possible.

I'll be honest, I never heard of them until a few days ago when my father-in-law arrived. He had just spent some time in Montreal, and when shopping at the Jean Talon Market, picked us up 2 lovely kits – one of spices and the other, unique salts and peppercorns.

The packaging alone is beautiful. But what's inside is even more magical – flavours just waiting to blow me away. Who better to give them to than my husband, who I am sure will succeed at making my mouth water every step of the way. I can't wait!! I'll be sure to make a mention when they get used. Here's what each box had to offer:

Salts & Peppers
• Sri Lanka Black Pepper
• Tellicherry Saji's Estate Extra Bold Black Pepper
• Malaysian Long Pepper
• Tribal Green Pepper (India)
• Green Sechuan Pepper
• Red Sechuan Pepper
• Cubebe
• Tasmanian Pepper Berries
• Sarawak White Pepper
• Coarse Sea Salt
• Fleur de Sel from Portugal
• Camargue Fine Salt

Hunter’s Spice Kit
• Small Game Hunter's Spices (photo above)
• Large Game Hunter's Spices
• Cipâte du Lac St-Jean
• Duck Hunter's Spices
• Chili Spices
• Game Birds Hunter's Spices

I checked their site,, and don't worry, you don't have to travel to Montreal to get them. There's a store in Aylmer that sells them too, William J. Walter.


Marysol said...

Rachelle, I swear by Philippe de Vienne spices!! He came to urban element two years ago and since then I am hooked. You can by them in a coffee shop in Hull, or order them online (I think that there are no shipping fees after $50)

The Sichuan pepper, paprika and cumin NEED to come from him, I could never buy elsewhere. There is a clear difference in taste. So glad you found him!!

Rachelle said...

yay!! now i'm even more excited to try them! he seems like he would be a very interesting man to meet. let me know if you guys ever do another event with him.

Pearl said...

ooh, that's a fun gift.

like the packaging and volume. I've seen the Himalayan salts for sale but in containers enough for a few lifetimes.