Sunday, September 13, 2009

“Imaginary” Europea – Montreal

This is the first post of it's kind. I did not eat at this restaurant. Although a very trusted source almost pushed me to the break of insanity last night. I think it's pay-back for all the torture I've put him through with my mouthwatering meals over the past year.

As I lay on the couch eating my popcorn last night, a series of emails came through that made me wish so badly that I was somewhere else. That place was Europea. I've never been to this restaurant, but my colleague Jean-Marc has never stopped raving about it. He and his wife go every time they're in Montreal. Since he has only guided me in the best direction in terms of wine, I trust his taste in food matches mine to a t. Which is why i'm going to share with everyone, the torture I suffered last night. I won't rate the restaurant, since I haven't actually eaten the food, but I will depict each plate as JM did throughout the evening.

It started with a series of amuse-bouche. Coconut shrimp in coconut milk. Goat cheese and parmesan lollipops with purple basil. Followed by a mise en bouche of lobster cream cappuccino with truffle shavings.

Two additional amuse-bouche were thrown in as a surprise, a trilogy of melon (cute little squares that would have taken a rookie chef about an hour to cut) served on oriental soup spoons with a sauce that JM didn't pay attention to as they described it because he was in too much awe by the visual of the treats in front of him.

Appetizer of seared and smoked salmon, celeriac and crab salad, granny smith apple caviar - oh my! Scallops and veal sweetbreads. Parsnip and bok-choy cabbage with wine reduction.

For the main, fresh ravioli with ricotta and shiitake mushrooms, porcini emulsion, grilled portobello, alba truffle sauce and roasted scallops with Blanche de Chambly beer beurre blanc emulsion, barley risotto, rice lettuce espuma.

Wine – Anvers Shiraz from Australia.

All this was followed by a wave of 2 desserts. The first one being a baignet, crême brulé, coconut mousse with passionfruit. Second was an assortment of bite size pastries that were so incredible, he had to put his blackberry away because the keyboard was getting wet.

Final dessert (as if the others weren't enough) – freshly spun cotton candy and madeleines. The cookies were just out of the oven. Oh, and another surprise, home made smore ice cream bar.

Insane. The table d'hôte is 56.50 per person. JM would pay twice that for the experience he had. The wine was $70 (probably $30 in the liquor store). Service is the best of anywhere he's eaten. And if all this wasn't enough, with the bill comes a nice bag that has a homemade loaf of zucchini bread to take home.

Reservations: 514-398-9229

Thanks Jean-Marc, thanks a lot. I hate you.


treesaw said...

Holy crap, that sounds awesome. We should go there. Very soon!

marysol said...

i will definitely take note and try to go!!!

Brittany said...

I feel as thought the more I read of this post the more I fell in love with this place. It just kept getting better and better. My mouth is watering, can't wait to make the trek up to check it out.

Rachelle said...

if anyone goes please let me know how it was!

Celine said...

We just made reservations for our weekend get away in April!

Rachelle said...

Nice!! Let me know how it goes.

Celine said...

We went this past Saturday. Simply AMAZING!!! We both took the MENU DEGUSTATION D'EST EN OUEST EN 10 CRÉATIONS $86.50. It was a 10 course meal (with 2 bonus courses thrown in by the chef). We were there for over 3 hours and truly enjoyed our experiance. Giscard took the wine pairing option and was very amazed at the quality of wine they were serving. Check out this menu online, well worth the trip just to go there! Only suggestion, make sure when booking that you ask NOT to be seated by the stairs (upstairs). Very busy area as the kitchen is downstairs. Next time we go I'll make sure I'm not pregnant to enjoy this meal to the fullest! Oh... and the cotton candy at the end....... FUN! :) They gave us a goodie bag full of home made sweetness too!

Rachelle said...

That sounds so awesome! I really have to get over there!!! Thanks for letting me know how it went.

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