Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sort-Of-But-Not-Really Cobb Salad

Salad day number 2. Unlike day 1, I did not feel comfortable after this salad. It was HUGE and super filling. My husband has made many variations of Cobb salad. This one has quite a few additions and some omissions. Hard boiled eggs, chicken, avocado (on his only), beets, tomato, green onion, corn, ham and iceberg lettuce all topped with a lovely blue cheese dressing.


Don said...

When I saw this pic this morning, my first thought was "Autumnal interpretation of a salad nicoise." Corn for green beans. Beets for potatoes. Chicken for tuna.

Umm...I guess that's 3 strikes and I need more coffee! Variation on Cobb it is :)

Will have to find your Salad day number 1 during lunch.


Rachelle said...

It totally would be! Maybe I should have just called it mish-mash salad!

The mixd greens from salad day #1 are worth it. Each bite had a slightly different flavour. Use a mild vinaigrette. Even just olive oil and lemon juice, to appreciate all the earthy flavours. A bag is 7.99.