Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oyster Po-Boy and Chowdah from the Whalesbone

I've not been eating well these past few days. I've been so consumed with work that my dinners on both Friday and Saturday were embarrassing to say the least. Dill pickle chips on Friday, Popcorn on Saturday. Pathetic or what!?

Lunch yesterday made up for both. I picked up an Oyster Po-Boy Sandwich, Halibut Cheek Sandwich and Chowdah from the Whalesbone. The chowder contained some chopped up potatoes and fish swimming in a pool of buttery goodness. For the sandwiches my husband chose the halibut, I've had it before so I was excited to try the oyster variation. The light batter surrounding the deep fried colossal oysters was heavenly, especially the crispy bits on the end, but I must say, it was almost a bit too rich for me. I could barely finish mine. I'll probably stick to the halibut next time.

Their prices have also gone up, but given the fish they are using, it's all relative. In a previous post prices were $5.50. Yesterday they were between $6.50 and $8 depending which one you got. I imagine the time of year and the fish being used determine the price. Still, each one is worth every single penny.

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marysol said...

...i had a sandwich friday too and didn't finish it :(

i had to drink 4 glasses of water after, but it was very yummy.